Monday, May 7, 2012

Radio Waves Hunt

-TDT- has teamed up with Bridge Radio FX to bring you our latest hunt - Radio Waves Hunt!  This hunt is going to diverge a little from the norm.  Hunters will randomly be sent to the Bridge Radio FX site to pick up their clues for the prizes.  All hunt prizes have to do with... yep, you got it - Radio & Music!!  Check out their site to get a taste of what they offer, in and out of SL - Bridge Radio FX

Applications are due by May 20th - and there will be no store limit this time around, the more the merrier.  Apps can be found above.. sent to Mariposaroja Resident inworld


  1. Original creations only:  please no business in a box, freebies or infringement on other people's property.
  2. Prizes must be new and exclusive to the hunt, for the duration of the hunt.  Make it a quality item, one that hunters will want to go back to your store for!  You may sell the item in your store once the hunt is over.  HUNT PRIZES MUST BE IN THEME
  3. This hunt is applicable to all vendors with an accessible store.  If your store is located in a mall, you must be able to TP directly to your store. 
  4. The hunt item must not be resized so small that will it be nearly impossible to see.  Also, it must not be placed within a prim, it must be visible with normal camera modes
  5. You may place decoy items, but please limit them to no more than 3.
  6. Every vendor MUST provide a hint!    Hints will be placed in the blog as well as at your location.
  7. Hunt items will be 1L each, remember to sell the contents of the prim, not a copy or the original.
  8. This is meant to be fun for all involved - so let's keep it light and exciting!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We have 2 hunts running!

Hunters, we currently have 2 hunts running - Face Your Phobia and Abstract Artists.  Both hunts start at TDT Texture Cove.  Click the tabs above to see previews of the amazing prizes and locations.  Don't miss out!