AAH Hints

Hunters, here are the most up to date hints available.  Click on the name of the store for SLURL:

  1. TDT Texture Cove  - I'm hiding in plain sight
  2. PK Private Collection - See hint giver
  3. Butterflies - You've got your brush and colours?
  4. PDN's Potpourri - Look for me near the metal art
  5. Wyldflower - How did that snail get in here?
  6. X-Clusive Animations - Want to GET FREAKY with the Abstract Artist? Have a BANANA SPLIT - That 'll make you the smartest
  7. SWAK Designs - It is HOT in here! 
  8. bees heaven shop - The hermitage is a haven of peace even for abstract artists
  9. Rozamyndi's - See hint giver
  10. Rockoil - I dont think you want to "ESCAPE" from this t-shirt
  11. Background Check Textures - April showers bring May Flowers
  12. #187# - When it's raining you better wear some rainboots. Ask the snail for your gift
  13. Heartwood - Behind every cloud is another cloud. - Judy Garland
  14. Bound & Bitten - Check Multi Hunt Hint Giver near hunt sign
  15. Loordes of London - If i see one more orange colored thing I might throw up in my mouth a bit!  Blechhhhh!
  16. BedlaM ****SKIP FOR NOW***
  17. VIPs Corner - Be Care...True Blood Is here!!!
  18. pePU - You want to know where I'm hiding? Okay, let me ask the princess to a pencil to write it down you
  19. Galleria Designs - Find me among the Vampires!
  20. [dirty.little.secret] - "Eye" see you!
  21. Amulet - I think its something New, no?
  22. .::Redangels::. - Have a laugh with Shakespeare
  23. [PC] Pixel Creations - If i sit here long enough i may get something free.
  24. SANNA - SCIENCE and ART - Painting is poetry that is rather seen than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen- Leonardo da Vinci
  25. Wall Candy - Hidden in the birdiecage, you will find your gift
  26. John's Ancient Treasures - I'm abstract too, if you look close...
  27. Botanica - Chihuly's unruly artistic design Free flowing and glowing Is it a flower or wine?
  28. Gallery of Mystic Dreams - Mmmm.....even artists have to eat.
  29. Echoes of the Past Designs - Relight my fire!
  30.  .::RO!ACT::.. Designs -  I am brand NEW
  31. Affinity Boutique - The greedy green fairy took it.
  32. Inside Art - Under the boardwalk...
  33. Face Paint - Haute Couture or Artist flair, spring is popping up everywhere!
  34. ..:HC Creations:.. - Are you tired of looking? Take a rest in Heavens Dream Bed
  35. PDN's Potpourri @ The Cookie Jar - What an interesting piece of art!!
  36. Lyrieal's Boutique - Oooo Minty Fresh
  37. Mm. Textures - Sit for a spell and let the soothing sounds relax you. 
  38. Raven's Heart - All great Art begins with a line and grows from there.
  39. Closer to the Heart Creations - If you're not wrong; you must be right! When this happens, the prize is in sight.
  40. Asian Flair - Good Luck Finding the hunt item....i might have made it easy, or hard! 
  41. ZERO COOL designs - Pharao's are burried in ... ?!
  42. FLOOD - Flowers are a way to a girl's heart....but a field might be over kill!

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