FYP Hints

Hunters, here are the most up to date hints available.  Click on the name of the store for SLURL:

1. TDT Texture Cove - Look down to the stars

2. ::PDN's POTPOURRI:: (Mainstore) -Scorpians look like big spiders

3. VIPs Corner - Be careful of the WITCH she will do a spell on you

4. The Elegant Goth - The color of royalty, The color of grapes, Mixing of red and blue, This color it makes.

5. Lok's Low Prim Furniture - Afraid of the dark? Turn on some *Lighting*!

6. Wyldflower - Deep fears sometimes lurk in corners

7. Sugar & Cyanide - Hopefully you don't have Ornithophobia

8. Serenity Designs - You've just been PUNK'D!

9. FLOOD - The spring blossoms are out in Bloom

10. [NN] Designs - not upstairs not downstairs

11. Blue Buddha Club Supplies - Don't run and hide, he can't hurt you. Clowns are scary, but holds your virtue.

12. [dirty.little.secret] - It's curtains for you!

13. Heartwood - I hate snakes.  Don't you?

14. Rockoil - There Are More Tops At The Back

15. Charisma Designs - This is the one place a Automysophobiac will not look for the prize.

16. PePU - Let me be crazy

17. ~Ruffle My Feathers~ - Ahh. Dark and Comfy

18. .::Redangels::. -   Before you walk in, you best look straight up, because I'm too scared to look down.

19. Mm. Textures - Those who give shall be rewarded.

20. Mind Games Fashion - Wow these are big and green...

21. Em's Tattoos - If your afraid of hieghts this might be a problem.

22. Twisted Gothly Designs - Walk through the ( Face your Phobia Door  aka magic door ) And Face Yout Phobia. If you dare. If your brave enough, the Prize you seek will be found at the End.

23. Always Eclectic - Ice melts and becomes water. Water runs downhill, from roof to cellar. In this case, the icicles are on the wall.

24. Wings of Enchantment - See the hint giver

25. PDN's Potpourri @ The Cookie Jar - You really shouldnt open umbrellas indoors.

26. :: ZEPHYR :: - In the meadow, there's a gift!

27. PK Private Collection - Deuces

28. Tae's Creations - If you're going to give a gift, make sure you wrap it well.

29. Lyrieal's - Maybe I'll get lucky near these Rainbows

30. bees heaven shop - walk up this stairs step by step

31. Affinity Boutique - hidden away to the side, between silks & bellydancers

32. Love Zombie - Your lovely scars.

33. Bacidalucia Chicago - prohibit drinks here

34. Background Check Textures - Rub my belly

35. SANNA - SCIENCE and ART - Telemedicine is a potentially useful approach to improve Human and Animal Health (go down)

36. Echoes of the Past Designs - Hydrophobia

37. Theme Walkers by Hax - Some people fear the witching hour

38. Loordes of London - In the crook of a tree

39.  Grumble - Don't be afraid of falling rocks, this one has already fallen.

40. [BedlaM] -next to the fish tank

41. FAR Concepts - It will be hard to find this if you suffer from Arsonphobia

42. Closer to the Heart Creations - The phobia of water is hydrophobia... but in small amounts, you can overcome it to locate the hunt prize!

43.  Urban Aly Designs - This creature lurks in the dark, without a peep. Be careful not to fall asleep!

44. [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS - Do you feel like reading a good fright novel?

45. ..::RO!ACT::.. Designs - Mmm, I like these Animal Prints!

46. Bound & Bitten - see multi hint giver for clue

47. GENZ GESTURES - I Like To Hide In Dark, High Places

48. Black Cat Bones - You will have to search, RELENTLESSly.

49. ZERO COOL Designz - Do me a favor and feed the parrots

50.  Modern Day Tombstone Breedables - If you go down below you will go crazy and may need to lay down.

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