Sponsor Application

Vendors can sign up to be sponsors of the hunt for 400L.  Spots are limited to 15 sponsor.  Being a sponsor entitles you to the following:
  1. A guaranteed spot in one of the first 15 slots of the hunt.  Stores will be randomly selected
  2. The ability to post spam chat once per day with any sales, promotions, freebies, etc.. for your store. 
  3. The ability to send out one notice per week with any sales, promotions, freebies, etc..
  4. Your store will be featured on our blog as a hunt sponsor, along with your slurl and a link to your marketplace
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please submit a notecard with the following information to Mariposaroja Resident, titled: Hunt Name -  Sponsor APP - Full SL Name - Store Name.  Once your application is approved, you will receive a welcome package, payment will be expected within 24 hours of receipt, otherwise you will lose your spot:

Full SL Name:

Store Name:



Full Perm Logo:

Marketplace Link: 

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